Based in Grosmont, North Yorkshire, our family run, independent bookshop will usually be open between 10 am until 5 pm, Monday to Saturday (in the summer). We are open Sunday too, but not until 12pm. Come the winter months, we might take a day off and close on Sunday….

We specialise in books on railways, buses, canals, military, and local maps & guides, and have a good selection of other genres.

On some weekends we can be found at various transport-related shows peddling our goods and promoting the shop; the ‘Events’ PDF on the ‘Book Catalogues’ page shows when one of us, either Kerry or Ian – the new bookshop owners – will be attending a show and where it is being held (the list needs updating though, so if in doubt of us being there, please contact us beforehand).

Parking is now 30 minutes free outside the Bookshop, and 2 hours free opposite the cricket field.

If you wish to purchase any of our offerings, you can either contact us by email or by phone, just click on the ‘Contact’ link above to view our contact details. We can also be found on FaceBook and Twitter under @Grosmontbooks

We have pdf files listing some of the books we have available on the ‘Book Catalogues’ tab above, these lists contain both new and second hand titles.

Oh, one other thing, are there books you have been looking for and can’t find? If there are why not contact us with your ‘wants list’, and I will add the details to my spreadsheet, and should I manage to obtain a copy I will be in touch.

Grosmont Bookshop is a member of the Grosmont Business Group which exists to spread the message of what Grosmont has to offer and can be viewed through the www.grosmont.biz site.